Nobles EP

by Nobles

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released July 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Nobles Jamestown, Tennessee

We are a band that wants to spread the love of Christ and play the music that we love. We accept everyone for who they are. We're all in this together.

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Track Name: To Take A Life
To Take A Life Lyrics:

How can I still see joy in your eyes
After you've killed a life you held inside
You say it wasn't old enough to be considered life
But it was there from the beginning just waiting to thrive
That kid could have been the greatest person to ever live
But instead you were just too selfish to give
You walk into that clinic a mother-to-be
You walk out a cold hearted killing machine
When will you realize that this isn't a game
You think you've avoided your shame
How could you kill such an innocent child
Just cause you wanna be young and wild
Your excuse is that you only live once
But your unborn baby never got its chance
You never wanted to be there
I can't believe what you've done
And now it's all just been ruined
You can't forgive yourself now
Track Name: Memorial Day
You send them over to fight your war
Fueled by greed and nothing more
Children wait to see their fathers
But some come back and others slaughtered
Brothers made by a war time bond
Are separated with a single bomb
Soldiers are forced to watch their best friends die
They wake up screaming in the middle of the night
What can you prove with blood and violence
Cause ideas can never be silenced
Have you never heard of turning your cheek
You order the march towards the death of the meek
They give their lives for what they believe in
You call it victory but nobody every wins
Track Name: Weatherall
Day by day he waits to see your face
And when he gets back someone has taken his place
You're exactly what we thought you were
You know this isn't what he deserves
I refuse to let you ruin my day
I know myself and that's more than you can say
I won't let you bring me down again
I've got my God and I've got my friends
Go ahead and try to talk your way out
Go ahead and try to turn this around
I'll stand up for everything you hate
I'll stand firm in my everlasting faith

Sometimes we are islands
But never are we stars